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We send a very convincing letter from Santa, of such high quality that it could only come from Santa himself. Our Letters and optional products guarantee your child’s complete satisfaction and “will bring them a moment of joy”!

Just 9.95 $

Satisfaction guaranteed

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• Highly personalized letters from Santa

o The name of your child
o His/her friends or brothers and sisters
o His/her city
o The street where he/she lives
o Who he/she lives with
o The presents that he/she has asked for
o His/her teacher
o His/her marks in school this year
o Add a complete paragraph with your own personal comments





• Letters printed with beautiful original illustrations



o Huge size A3
o Luxury paper, semi-matt, 200 g with veneer
o All colour printing
o Signed by Santa himself
o Sealed with Santa own stamp
o 5 letters to choose from. One for adults!




• UNIQUE envelopes



o Huge size
o ¡UNIQUE!: completely illustrated envelope with original registered illustrations





• Additional surprises:



o Certificate of Good Behaviour 2016
o Cut-out Christmas game




• Worldwide delivery



• Option for urgent delivery